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Quality, Industrial Logistics and Organization

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IUT de l’Aisne is a branch of Université de Picardie Jules Verne (UPJV) which was created in 1998. The six schools are located on three different sites (Saint-Quentin, Laon, Soissons-Cuffies) and welcome about 1000 students.

The school of Quality, Logistics and Industrial Organization (QLIO) delivers a 3-year technical degree diploma (The Bachelor Universitaire de Technologie / B.U.T) . Students are selected after a baccalauréat (secondary school diploma) through an interview.

QLIO students can pursue their studies with a bachelor’s degree, or be admitted to a business or engineering school. Thanks to the versatility of the training program, they can also get a job in various sectors of activity ( mechanics, electronics, the textile, food, chemistry, plastics, glass or wood industry…) 88% of students are employed within 3 years.


The Cuffies-Soissons Campus is located in a beautiful area (Aisne Valley), full of history and with a wide reaching cultural heritage.
It is close to the most famous places in France:
- Paris 100km (60miles)
- Reims (Champagne Region): 60km (40 miles)
- Charles de Gaulle Airport 75km (45miles).


B.U.T (Bachelor Universitaire de Technologie)

The B.U.T is a 3-year technical degree. Students are selected after a baccalauréat (secondary school diploma) through an interview.

Students are assessed regularly, several times a year. 40% of the teaching is conducted in small groups. Educational games, real case studies, role plays, teamwork, the use of the internet and of a professional software is favoured.

The training is composed of academic subjects such as English, communication, economics, accountancy, mathematics and technical subjects such as company organization, computer science, statistics, automated systems and data base, the study of production logistics methods and tools, the study of quality standards like safety and sustainability.

Two work placements enable students to put into practice the theoretical knowledge gained in class:
  • A 4-week placement during the first year to discover the working world
  • A 8-week placement during the second year to carry out a personal project.
  • A 12-week placement during the third year to carry out a personal project.


Quality, Logistics and Industrial Organization(QLIO)

Campus de Soissons-Cuffies
15 avenue François Mitterrand

Tél : (0033) 323 76 40 20
Fax : (0033) 323 76 40 25
Mail :

Spring School 2021

Spring School 2020 : Industry 4.0. Future of Management and Quality
When?   June 2021 
Where? Soissons-Cuffies Campus, France (near Paris)
Language: English
Credits: 1 ECTS*

You will take part in innovative projects and workshops :

  • J’Cup Team Project : You will get a unique opportunity to take part in the J’Cup team projects!  The purpose is to design innovative products that will be presented in the  QLIO National Competition for Young Entrepreneurs in March 2019.
  • Workshop 1 : Workshop Implementation. During a 3-hour lab session, students will implement the IMPACT® workshop software tool developed by the IUT Annecy QLIO department. IMPACT® provides a hands-on approach to the theoretical teaching of basic implantation methods.
  • Workshop 2 : Management of Quality. During a 3-hour tutorial session, in a quality management workshop, students will carry out Non-Destructive Tests (NDT). They will use an ERNST durometer for hardness inspections and an AREVA software for ultrasonic NDT.
  • Workshop 3 : Cross-cultural Communication. This 3-hour workshop will enable students to both experience and study cross-cultural relations by favouring a better understanding of cultural differences and the way these can contribute to improving and enriching the working environment.
  •  Conference within the framework of the CCI Aisne and Grand Soissons partnership. The purpose is to cover the field of Industry 4.0 extensively by highlighting the implications of manufacturing methods in terms of expenditure and profitability, production, quality management and logistics costs.

Sightseeing in Reims and Paris, barbecue parties and sports at the IUT will give you an opportunity to relax in a warm atmosphere !

Application deadline : 30 April 2021 (


More details: [HERE] and [HERE]
* up to your home institution

ISO standards

The QLIO school was certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard on 2 April 2015 by AFNOR Certification.

The standard guarantees the quality of the training conducted in the school. Audits are regularly organized to highlight and check the continuous improvement approach which the involvement and collaborative work of all the staff contributes to, and whose final goal is students' and prospective employers' satisfaction.

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B.U.T Qualité, Logistique Industrielle et Organisation


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